Malloy Warms Up For Convention, Takes On Christie And Ryan

Aug 27, 2012

A week before Governor Dannel Malloy is set to speak at the Democratic national convention, he got a bit of a warm up before the state's press corps today. WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports.

Malloy is speaking at the convention next Wednesday, although not in prime time.  He says he's looking forward to it. "I'm actually tickled pink that I'm speaking at all." It seemed that this press conference was like a dress rehearsal. First, he made fun of Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie -- and his weight.  Malloy was asked if he'd watch Christie's address to the Republican convention. "That's a big watch.  I mean it's going to be a long speech." And then Malloy spent the better part of 15 minutes going after Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan -- the Republican pick for vice president.   "I think Congressman Ryan is the gift who keeps on giving." Malloy took issue with various parts of Ryan's blueprint for the federal budget. The governor says Ryan's plans for Medicare, Medicaid, pre-k education, and Pell Grants take money from people who need it.  "If that's what you want in America, if you want to force senior citizens into poverty, if you want to take a gigantic share of their social security benefit and dedicate it to their private purchase of an insurance policy, then that's your ticket." Malloy says he's not alone in his dislike of Ryan's budget. "He's being hired to advise the administration on the budget and I'm telling you that his budget would be a massive shift of obligations to states, every one of the governors understands that, at a time that we can't handle that kind of a shift." We were unable to get a comment from state Republicans before deadline.