Malloy, Perry in "Civil" Meeting

Jun 18, 2013

Governor Dannel Malloy took the fight to visiting Governor Rick Perry of Texas Monday, crashing a luncheon in Hartford that Perry was giving for business owners. WNPR's Harriet Jones reports.


Perry was in Connecticut for a highly-publicized two day tour, in an attempt to lure local businesses to relocate to the lone star state. But Malloy wasn't about to let him have his moment in the spotlight all alone. As the Texas governor was hosting a reception at Max's Downtown in Hartford, Malloy looked in to shake his hand. He said afterwards it was all about making the Texas visitor feel welcome.

"I wanted him to understand what Yankee hospitality was like."

Perry for his part took the impromptu meeting in stride -- later, before delivering remarks  in Stamford on the theme Civility in America, he remarked that Malloy's effort was entirely in keeping.

"Your governor came today to a restaurant over in Hartford to welcome me to your state, and I greatly appreciate that effort. He didn't have to do that -- because he knows why I'm here. And I don't think he knew that I was here to give a speech about civility."

Why he is here is all about jobs. Perry has mentioned pharma and financial services, but he's especially interested in attracting gunmakers, troubled by Connecticut's recent adoption of stricter firearms laws. He visited Colt's Manufacturing, where he took a tour and did some shooting, and met with several other business executives including the owners of Stag Arms and ASC in New Britain. Perry was the most high profile visitor Monday, but not the only out-of-state governor to be touring Connecticut. South Dakota's Dennis Daugaard was also here - he'll be doing the Colt's tour Tuesday.