Malloy, Cuomo, LePage

Apr 1, 2011

So, these three Governors walk into a town hall meeting.  One’s a member of the tea party, one is Mario Cuomo’s kid, and the third guy’s wearing a green tie.

I think I’m telling this wrong. The joke’s also supposed to include something about a labor department mural in Maine, and the terms “shared sacrifice” and “transformational.” 

The new Governors across our region are all facing big budgetary challenges, and they’re handling them in very different ways.

In New York, Andrew Cuomo seems maintain his popularity while making  “transformational” changes to the state budget.

In Connecticut, Dannel Malloy is on a self-imposed, grind-it-out, “listening” tour, where everyone from unemployed blue collar workers and Ferrari dealership owners are beating him up over his budget plan. 

And, in Maine, new Republican Governor Paul LePage seems to not really care at all what anyone thinks about what he says. 

Today, our regional roundtable profiles the tribulations of three very different Governors.