Malloy Announces Initiatives Aimed at Children and Teens

Oct 22, 2013

Governor Malloy announced a Safe Schools/Healthy Students award to encourage school districts to decrease youth violence while promoting healthy child development.
Credit Office of Governor Dannel Malloy

Governor Malloy announced three new initiatives that will make it easier for families to access mental health services, and to provide better identification and intervention for children and teens with mental health issues. 

The Connecticut Insurance Department, in partnership with the UConn Health Center, has launched the behavioral health toolkit. The downloadable document connects families in need of mental health services to insurance companies and mental health providers.

Two grants announced Monday from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will help children and teens with mental health problems. An Early Diversion grant will train law enforcement crisis intervention teams to better identify and refer young adults with mental health problems to community-based services, rather than arresting them.

An $8 million SafeSchools/Healthy Students award will allow school districts to develop activities, strategies and programs aimed at decreasing youth violence while promoting the healthy development of children. In a statement, Governor Dannel Malloy said the need for mental health services for young people "became even more evident" after last year's Newtown school shooting. “It has become increasingly clear over the past few years that our schools are a vital partner in creating resilient children and decreasing violence,” the governor said. “State and local partnerships can be a valuable tool in creating and maintaining environments that support a positive school climate that is violence- and drug-free.”