Making Tea Honestly

Sep 5, 2013

We try new products all the time, rarely with any insight into how they came to exist and what it took to bring them to market. Barry Nalebuff wants to change that. Nalebuff -- co-founder of Honest Tea -- is a soft drink tycoon, but he's also still what he was before he went into the beverage business:a professor at the Yale School of Management. Barry thinks the story of how he and a former student founded a multi-million beverage company -- with all the twists and turns that led to its whopping success -- might help other people looking at stat-ups. So he and his collaborators turned it into a book.  The book is also a reminder of all the short cuts that other businesses take and about all the extra obstacles a business faces when it decides the emphasize ethics and respect for the environment.  Barry counsels another beverage start-up, live on the air. Leave your comments below, email us at colin@wnpr.org, or tweet us @wnprcolin.