Making a Downtown a Happening Place

Sep 28, 2012

We’re back at our “pop up” storefront at 90 State House Square, with help from the city of Hartford, in a former bank space. Where We Live and The Colin McEnroe Show are broadcasting here for two days, right on one of the city’s most bustling corners.

And downtown will be bursting with activity all day tomorrow, during a special free event the city calls “EnvisionFest.” The day-long festival is an outdoor celebration of artists and performances that also happens to offer a glimpse of the vision Hartford has for its future - a connected city through walking and biking routes.

That vision is called the “iQuilt.” The idea is to stitch together parts of the city that are already close together, and improve the way they’re linked. It includes a “Greenwalk” plan to connect the city’s riverfront, through the central business district, with an extended park right up to the state Capitol.

What does it take to connect a downtown and its neighborhoods? Is it a matter of just letting people know what’s already here? Or do we need to build something new?