A Look Inside Connecticut's Family Court System

Credit AndreyPopov/iStock / Thinkstock

Earlier this month, The Connecticut Law Tribune reported that a number of the state’s guardian ad litem lawyers had withdrawn from their child custody cases. Their actions came in response to growing tension within the family courts, where parents and advocates have criticized the system -- and the lawyers in it -- for high fees and lack of oversight.

This hour, we take a closer look at some of the issues within Connecticut’s family court system. A state task force is looking into what some have called a broken system. What’s fueling the tension between families and family courts? And what can be done to resolve it?


  • Peter Szymonik - Leader in Connecticut's family court reform movement
  • Attorney Jeffrey Mickelson - Guardian ad litem
  • Dr. Elizabeth Thayer - Partner at Beacon Behavioral Services, LLC
  • State Representative Edwin Vargas - Representative for the 6th Assembly District