Locating Hartford's Proposed Ballpark

Jun 24, 2014

The city settled on a site near downtown, but it has no on-site parking.

The city of Hartford has said it looked at other city locations for a new minor league baseball stadium -- including a location on Market Street, the sometimes-home of Cirque du Soleil.

Now, there are some documents to back that up. 

A study produced by consultants at Kansas City-based Pendulum Studio, LLC (another of the consultants hired by the city) shows that the site just to the west of I-91 had some advantages, like highway visibility and ideal field orientation. It had disadvantages, too. It's in a flood zone.

In the end, the city settled on a site closer to downtown, in part because of its relationship to the city center. Pendulum points out that it's a six-minute walk from downtown. Among the disadvantages: there's no on-site parking.

The study was part of a briefing book the city prepared on the stadium.