Living With Food Allergies

May 6, 2013

No one can escape the issue of extreme food allergies. Maybe it's you who is allergic to peanuts, dairy, shellfish, citrus. Maybe it's your little son or daughter. Or maybe you don't have any allergies, but because you eat food, you find that other people's allergies affect your life. Are you ever asked to keep peanuts out of the snack you're bringing to school? Or to keep dairy out of the cake you made for the office birthday party?

If it seems as if food allergies are on the rise, you're not imagining things - Food allergies are on the rise. Last week, a Slate magazine writer asked parents to stop their children from eating snacks at the playground. Reasonable accommodation? Or totally unreasonable demand?

Mark Oppenheimer fills in for Colin McEnroe as we talk about the ethics of children's allergies.