Live From Watkinson: What's So Funny About Connecticut?

Feb 2, 2016

Recently, a group of us gathered on stage at Watkinson School for a conversation about humor and comedy.

The conversation had two fields on inquiry. The first was the very strange business of trying to be funny as a way of putting food on the table. It's a weird job. It's not so much a matter of trying to be funny as it is of trying to figure out what's funny about the thing sitting in front of you. 

The next question had to do with trying to be funny in Connecticut and New England. This is not a loosey-goosey environment. Actuaries, for example, are maybe not the most hilarious people. But most of us who write or perform comedy cling to the idea that humor sits bubbling under the stillest of waters.


Chion Wolf contributed to this show, with help from Event Resources, Inc.