Live From the Ivoryton Playhouse: All the Nose Wants Is Nikes, But the Real Ones

Aug 26, 2016

After a four-year gestation period, and more than a year's worth of delays, Frank Ocean's second studio album dropped last weekend. There are two different versions of the album: a physical version that was only available in pop-up shops in four cities last Saturday and the currently iTunes-exclusive digital version. The album is called Blonde, but the cover says "Blond." And there's a separate, different video album, Endless, that was released last Friday. It's all very complicated. The Nose gets into it.

Plus: The age old question, should we separate the artist from the art? Actor, director, and producer Nate Parker's new film, The Birth of a Nation, is expected to be a major Oscar contender. But a "sordid episode" from Parker's past is bringing up comparisons to Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski and leaving people to wonder how we should parse a man and his work.


  • James Hanley - Co-founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College
  • Mercy Quaye - Director of communications for New Haven Public Schools
  • Kate Rushin - Poet, writer, and educator

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Colin McEnroe, Eugene Amatruda, Betsy Kaplan, Catie Talarski, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.