Live Capitol Hearing on UConn Sexual Assault

Nov 13, 2013

UConn Title IX Coordinator Elizabeth Conklin speaks at the College and Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Hearings
Credit CT-N

State lawmakers are holding a hearing today to review polices regarding sexual assault on college campuses. You can watch live video courtesy CT-N

Seven current and former University of Connecticut students have filed a Title IX discrimination complaint against the school, and four of those women have filed a federal lawsuit against UConn.  The issue has sparked conversation and controversy statewide, following statements by University President Susan Herbst and what complainants call "deliberate indifference" by the school.

Among the allegations is that faculty members were dismissed because they called on the administration to speak out about violence on campus. But a professor at the school told WNPR that's not the case. 

Herbst will not testify, but UConn police chief, Barbara O’Connor and Title IX coordinator Elizabeth Conklin will represent the school.  Laura Cordes, Executive Director, Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. will also testify. You can read the schedule for the hearing here. Listen for coverage on WNPR this afternoon during  All Things Considered