Live From The Billings Forge Farmers Market

May 5, 2011

Because we're live from Billings Forge in the Frog Hollow section of Hartford today, let's take the opportunity to talk about cities and why some of us love them.

Small towns are great, and suburbs have their purpose. But one of the ideas of a city is the notion that intelligence and creativity can collect in little pockets.

Billings Forge is an example of how that can work. It's a small grant-supported development that offers housing, provides job training and brings together.  people who care about food, art and performance. Today is one of their "mash-ups" which combines an outdoor farmer's market with a salsa dance social, a documentary film screening, a designer trunk show and a whole lot of music. It's the kind of focused collaboration and diversity you can do only in an urban setting. Even if you don't come down here today, consider this a reminder of what Connecticut cities have to offer.

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