Live From The Berkshire International Film Festival

May 31, 2013

It began last night with a documentary about some of the greatest backup singers in rock and roll history, including Darlene Love, who is here, and a short film featuring Tony Shalhoub, who was here.

It will close with a screening of the much anticipated film "Frances Ha" directed by Noah Baumbach and starring Greta Gerwig, both of whom will be here. And in between, the Berkshire International Film Festival will show 26 other documentaries, 24 other feature films and 23 other shorts. Roughly 20 different countries will be represented in the mix.

Somewhere in there are four or five movies that will worm their way out of the pack and become audience favorites. You'll order one of them on Netflix because a friend told you it was a gem. You'll get one on demand because of a review you read. We're here in Great Barrington and we're going to talk to the fillmmakers about what drives them and what drives them crazy.

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