Listeners React to Colin's Republican Roundtable

Jan 15, 2014

Credit DonkeyHotey / Creative Commons

Listeners weighed in during our panel discussion with four prominent state Republicans on The Colin McEnroe Show.

As it turns out, few state Republican parties adopt an official state party platform, instead choosing to follow a mission that conforms the national platform to the perceived needs of each individual state. 

In Connecticut, divisive social issues, such as reproductive rights and faith, take a back seat to fiscal issues that unite most Republicans around job growth, lower taxes, less regulation, and smaller government. But finding consensus has a steep price in blue states like Connecticut.

As we enter the 2014 election season, Republicans feel they have a good chance of winning back the Governor's seat and have their collective eye toward breaking the solid majorities Democrats currently hold in both houses of the General Assembly. 

What remains to be seen is whether they put forth candidates who can appeal to a wider swath of unaffiliated voters unconvinced that lower taxes will cure what ails Connecticut: poverty, the achievement gap, jobs, health care, and financial stability. Stay tuned.