Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy Unknown to Many Latino Voters

Oct 17, 2012

The first ever poll of registered Latino voters in Connecticut shows strong support for President Obama. According to Latino polling and market research group Pulso, 81 percent of Latino voters prefer the President compared to 6 percent for Mitt Romney.

But when asked about the contentious U.S. Senate race in Connecticut, 56 percent of those polled couldn't name either candidate. And when prompted with the names of Republican Linda McMahon, and Democrat Chris Murphy, 50 percent say they were undecided.

Pulso's Wilson Camelo says the candidates are not buying ads in the Latino media markets, and that could be a big mistake.

"Even on a national scale, even in swing states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio, the presidential races are only spending about 5 percent of their budget on hispanic outreach and Spanish-language advertising," said Camelo. "I don't want to make it  seem like it's only a specific issue here but it is compelling here because the race is so tight, the Latino vote can really be the significant swing vote for such a tight election that is statistically tied."

Pulso's poll also revealed that 37 percent of Latino voters in Connecticut said they were better off now than four years ago, 21 percent said they were worse off. The poll of 100 Connecticut Latino voters was conducted from October 9th through the 11th.