Life With Cerebral Palsy; "The Israeli Perspective"; and a Connecticut Pirate

Oct 18, 2013

Photographer Christopher Capozziello has been photographing his twin brother Nick for years. Despite being twins, there was a major difference between these two: Nick was born with cerebral palsy. Chris was not.

The photography of both brothers’ is featured in the book The Distance Between Us. It tells the story about how both Capozziellos are living and coping with Nick’s condition.

We’ll also catch up on two international stories we’ve been following. We’ll talk about the Middle East peace process from the Israeli perspective with Jerusalem Post reporter Herb Keinon.

And, we’ll hear the story of Norwalk native Peter Wilcox, who’s being held in a Russian jail on charges of being a pirate. He’s been a longtime activist for Greenpeace, and was protesting Arctic oil drilling when he boat was seized by Russian authorities.