The Life and Times of Broadcast Legend Ivor Hugh

Jul 25, 2013

Let me tell you, in the bluntest possible manner, why we're doing a show with Ivor Hugh today.

Last year, I had the idea of doing a show that would have been a gathering of some of the voices from the era when radio was king. One of the names in my head was Ivor's. The other one was my friend and former colleague Arnold Dean. Arnold started in radio within a year of  Ivor; and, like almost everybody doing radio in the 1950s, both men then dabbled in the early days of television, because the early TV talent was radio talent.

Last December, Arnold died quite suddenly, and it was too depressing to think about the show he would have been on. Of course, there's a lesson there. These stories need to be recorded sooner rather than later. I don't want to be ghoulish, but we lose fascinating people every week, and if we don't preserve some of their stories, it's an even bigger tragedy.

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