Licking the Sugar Habit

Jul 20, 2015

Americans consume more than 70 pounds of sugar a year and it's making us fat, unhealthy, and lazy. We know sugar's linked to things like heart disease, type II diabetes, and Alzheimer's, yet we can't seem to quit the habit. 

Studies say sugar is also the cause of acne and premature aging of the skin. Today we talk with dermatologist Patricia Farris, co-author of The Sugar Detox. She explains how sugar gets processed in the body and how it impacts us inside and out. The book is all about how to kick the sugar habit.

Plus, we revisit a conversation Faith had with Thomas Craughwell about the little known story of how Thomas Jefferson and his slave James Hemings introduced French food to America. 

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  • Thomas Craughwell – author of Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee: How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America
  • Patricia Farris – co-author of The Sugar Detox: Lose the Sugar, Lose the Weight—Look and Feel Great


  • “Gne Gne,” Montefiori Cocktail
  • “American Baby,” Dave Matthews Band
  • “Low 2,” Moon Hooch

Jonathan McNicol and Faith Middleton contributed to this show.