Leaving Prison, and Re-Entering Society

Aug 5, 2014

After decades in prison, former inmates must re-adjust to an outside world that's very different from the one they left.
Credit Neil Conway / Creative Commons

After spending years, sometimes decades behind bars, inmates leave prison with little direction for moving forward. They face difficulties obtaining employment, education, and housing. Although Connecticut is a national leader on re-entry programs, a recent study finds nearly 80 percent of inmates released in 2005 were re-arrested within five years.


  • Laura Sullivan - NPR investigative reporter behind recent series Life After 'Life': Aging Inmates Struggle for Redemption
  • Stephen Lanza - Executive & Clinical Director of Family ReEntry, Inc.
  • Mike Lawlor - Undersecretary of Connecticut's Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Division
  • Jeff Brenneman - Recently released from prison
  • Greg Wells - Former inmate and participant in the Long Term Offender Program
  • John Santa - Former C.E.O. and current professional corporate director of the Malta Justice Imperative