Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Makes "Final Offer" to Striking Workers

Dec 5, 2013

State Senate President Donald Williams joined striking workers at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital last week.
Credit Senate Democrats

Lawrence and Memorial Hospital has written to its workers detailing what it's called its last, best and final offer.

It's the latest move in a labor dispute that has seen a four-day strike by about 800 nurses and technicians, followed by a still-ongoing lockout.

The main sticking points are around job security. The unions accuse management of shedding workers as they move hospital functions away from the main campus.

But management claims it has offered job security to 90 percent of nurses and over half of technicians.

In its letter, the hospital promises not to transfer any acute care services to other L&M entities. It says if non-acute services are transferred, workers who are laid off would be offered assistance.

The union says the hospital's stance has not essentially changed since before the strike, and its position has already been rejected. It's not clear when the two sides may meet again at the bargaining table.