Landmark State Education Lawsuit Delayed

Jul 23, 2014

Credit State Education Resource Center

The Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding has agreed to delay the start of a landmark education lawsuit that challenges the way Connecticut funds its public schools. 

The group is made up of a statewide coalition of municipalities, local boards of education, unions, and education advocates who say the way the state finances local public schools denies many students their constitutional right to an equitable and adequate education. They say schoolchildren have the right to graduate ready for college and prepared to become effective citizens.

The lawsuit was first filed in 2005. The trial was to have begun in September of this year in Hartford Superior Court, but the start date has been postponed to January 2015.

In a statement, Coalition President Herb Rosenthal of Newtown called the change "an inconsequential delay in our decade-long struggle to make sure that school children will have their day in court."