Labor, After the Fire

Mar 28, 2011

On Friday’s show Governor Dannel Malloy took a hard line with state labor unions – if they don’t reach an agreement on concessions, massive layoffs are on the table.

Governor Malloy said about the possibility of layoffs: “If it’s the only option, it’s the only option to pursue.” Today we’ll get reaction from an official from the state’s employee unions.

And, no doubt if you’ve been listening to NPR the past week you’ve heard about the
anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – a fire that one hundred years ago this month burned down a sweatshop in New York City, taking the lives of 146 people – mostly young Jewish and Italian women.

New York Times Labor reporter Steven Greenhouse has been writing about how this fire
was in some ways a turning point for the nations labor laws and unions. He’ll join us to talk about the history.

We’ll also hear from business professor at Georgetown who traveled the world following the production of a t-shirt.  Do you know where your clothes come from?

We’ll find out what she learned - and give you tips on shopping “sweat free.”