Kids' Music Adults Will Love

Nov 21, 2012

A good kids' song is sometimes just a good song.

Show me a kid who doesn't perk up at the opening vocal lick on "Jackie Wilson (When You Smile)" by Van Morrison. Songs actually written for kids can get a little bit tricky, but I'm a big believer in two compilations -- "For the Kids" and "For the Kids Too"" -- released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. The work is a mix of artists you know -- like Jason Mraz and Sarah McLachlan -- and artists you don't. You'll be hearing one cut -- my favorite -- from it later, by a somewhat obscure songwriter named David Mead.  Specific adult artists have put their own children's CDs. There are good ones from NRBQ and They Might Be Giants, but a mix is usually better. Even if you like Barenaked Ladies, do you want to listen to 15 Barenaked Ladies kids songs in a row? Maybe not.  Today we're exploring that razor's edge where sits songs kids and adults can agree on. Bill Childs' Suggested Tracks:Frances England - “Mind of My Own”Moona Luna - “2 H2O” (Science Fair)
The Telephone Company - “Mustache”
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - “Gotta Be Me”
Ella Jenkins - “Calling a Square Dance”
Recess Monkey - “Human Cannonball”
Candy Band - “Get Up Already”
Elizabeth Mitchell - “I Wish You Well”
The Okee Dokee Brothers - “Lucy and Tighty”The Board of Education - “The Many Uses, And Dangers, Of Commas” Jonathan Coulton - “The Princess Who Saved Herself”
Lunch Money - Cookie as Big as My Head
Elena Moon Park - “Summer’s Here”
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