Kids as Conscious Consumers

Jul 12, 2013

Young teens and “tweens” are plenty comfortable with technology and networking - and they use iPhones to explore brands they’re interested in, and what they’d like to buy. But they can’t be manipulated easily - experts say they’re more independent and fickle than previous generations.

Brands that make big promises still have to develop trust with the young consumer...because it’s hard to sneak anything by a savvy shopper in today’s connected world. That means companies that are wasteful or unethical raise the alarm bells for young people concerned about the environment or social justice.

Today, it's the latest in our series of conversations with students. We’ve been bringing in school kids to our studio and talking about the questions they’re asking. We have some very special guests with us in our studio - about 40 young people in middle school - who have been talking about how they can become more “conscious consumers” during a Youth Arts Institute program at Hartford’s Charter Oak Cultural Center.

We’ll hear from them about some of the poetry they’ve been creating, and what they think about trying to be socially responsible consumers.