A Key to Inner Power and Freedom

Sep 23, 2013

Credit Riley Kaminer/flickr creative commons

by Faith Middleton  

I learned to use a valuable tool for self-awareness at an Omega Institute workshop led by psychologist and mindfulness trainer Dr. Tara Brach. Please join us on the show to hear Dr. Brach explain a simple technique, known as RAIN, to recognize what your emotions are in any given moment, especially when thoughts and feelings are racing by. This quick, check-in method prevents us from storing up hurt, anger and frustration, or acting it out in a damaging way. 

The acronym RAIN stands for: Recognize what is happening; Allow life to be just as it is; Investigate your inner experience with kindness; Non-identification. Tara Brach, author of the books Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, will walk us through the RAIN method, and talk about feeling more alive each day by developing the habit of mindfulness.

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  • Tara Brach - author of True Refuge