Kerri Powers and Quiet Life: Music With a Sense Of Place

Our show is, as much as anything, about a sense of place, and about things that matter to people who live here. When we talk to artists and musicians, we want to know about the places that influence them. This hour, we have two conversations that are firmly planted with Connecticut roots.

Kerri Powers is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Massachusetts, even though her voice might read “West Texas.” She lives in suburban Connecticut now, but the songs on her new self-titled record might well fit in a small southern bar. This weekend, she’s performing at the Hartfolk Festival at the University of St. Joseph - we hear her music and get a preview.

We also listen back to concert talk with Sean Spellman. His band Quiet Life is in Northampton, Massachusetts, on Thursday night. We talk about his tough-love relationship with his hometown of New London.

To learn more about Kerri Powers, visit kerripowers.com.

For more information about Quiet Life's upcoming performances, visit quietlifeband.com


  • Kerri Powers - Singer-songwriter
  • Sean Spellman - Guitarist and singer for Quiet Life