Kate Callahan and "Two Doors"

May 31, 2012

Kate Callahan has been a fixture in the Hartford music scene for years - now she’s out with her first new album in six years.

The new record is called “Two Doors” - and as usual with Kate’s music, the songs are delicately arranged, her voice is clear as a bell, and the themes are big: Gender roles, creativity, spirituality, love.  And in the title track alone, she tackles capital punishment and reincarnation.  

Today, where we live, as she marks this new recording - and as we close in our our sixth year on the air - we’ll sit down and talk with Kate Callahan, one of Where We Live’s first musical guests.

She’ll also play a few of her new songs in our studio 3, as she gets ready for the launch of her CD in a June 9th concert at First Baptist Church, West Hartford.