From Juvenile Justice Reform to Foster Care: A Conversation with DCF

Dec 22, 2016

State officials, community providers and youth advocates are continuing their work to reform juvenile justice in Connecticut. The latest efforts have been focused on a plan to close the state’s juvenile jail in Middletown.

This hour, Department of Children and Families Commissioner Joette Katz and Deputy Commissioner Fernando Muñiz join us in-studio to talk about the department’s plan to shutter the Connecticut Juvenile Training School and its other responsibilities as the state’s child welfare agency. 

We find out how the foster care system has changed under Katz’s leadership and we ask her where DCF needs to improve to get out from under more than two decades of court oversight.

Are you a foster parent or have you had experience with the child welfare system? What questions do you have for Commissioner Katz?


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.