John Dean and the Legacy of Watergate

We’re live from the Hartford Hilton, part of InPractice, a conference put on by the Hartford County Bar Association. Their special guest is John Dean, former White House Counsel during the Nixon administration. Dean is credited with cooperating with investigators, and linking President Nixon to the Watergate scandal. He was also called, by the FBI, the “master manipulator of the cover up.”

Dean pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, and spent four months in jail. He has faced decades of questions and criticism about his role. The story he’s here to tell lawyers is about the Legacy of Watergate, and what it means for today’s legal profession.

We're joined by Kevin Rennie, a lawyer himself, and also a bulldog columnist for The Hartford Courant who writes extensively about corruption. We also talk with Dean about his role in the Nixon administration and the Watergate scandal, and what it can tell us about public corruption today.


  • John Dean, former White House counsel for President Richard Nixon
  • Kevin Rennie, columnist for The Hartford Courant, lawyer and former Republican