Jerry Kristafer

May 4, 2011

“In the CPTV original documentary, "The 60s in Connecticut," producers spent over a hundred hours interviewing subjects for the film.  Since the documentary can only include small portions of each interview, we are making the full interviews available on-line.  The "60s in Connecticut" can be seen on May 9, at 9:30 PM on CPTV.  

Jerry Kristafer, radio personality, was interviewed in late fall 2010.

Interview Synopsis:

Jerry Kristafer, a radio personality in the 1960s, explores how the changes in music throughout the decade reflect the dramatic social and political upheaval sweeping the nation at the time  “Music changed...with society and what was happening in the world” he explains,

Jerry Kristafer comments on the British invasion and the wildly popular dance TV shows like Dick Clark’s “National Bandstand” and Connecticut’s own “Milk Show” hosted by Brad Davis. The garage band phenomenon, fueled by the Beatles, took off with local teens forming their own groups and leading to such local sensations as The Shags.  “It was teen artists writing songs about teens for teens.”  Kristafer explains.  

Jerry Kristafer observes that as teenagers found themselves confronted with issues like social radicalism and drugs, music evolved to reflect the struggles of the nation.  From Lawrence Welk to Jim Morrison, the music of the 60s reflects the changing mood of both CT and the nation  throughout the decade.   Watch Jerry Kristofer and many others in the CTPV original documentary “The 60’s in Connecticut” starting May 9th.