Jackson Labs and Personalized Medicine

Feb 16, 2012

The idea of personalized medicine was a driving force behind the Human Genome Project. Now Connecticut might be in the driver’s seat.

Governor Malloy recently sealed the deal that will give Jackson Laboratories $291 million to build their new genomic research facility on the University of Connecticut campus in Farmington.

The state is betting that the new facility - and their collaboration with the University of Connecticut and Yale University will do two things: Help realize a vision of using genetics to tailor medical treatment to each person’s unique genome...and, of course, generate jobs.

Today, Where We Live, the President of Jackson Labs, Dr. Edison Liu joins us to discuss the promise of personalized medicine...but we’ll also look at the potential peril.

And, we’ll find out what it means for Connecticut.

We want to hear from you--what do you need to know about the possibilities of personalized medicine? What do you want to know about the state’s investment in Jackson Labs?

Is personalized medicine the future of medical care and if so, what will it cost...economically and ethically?