It's Apple Picking (and Stealing) Season

Sep 24, 2013

Welcome to autumn in New England. The weather is getting crisper, you can get pumpkin flavored lattes, beer and donuts, and it's prime apple-picking season. 

Most apple pickers do it the legal way. You get a bag, pick the ripest, biggest apples you can find, and then you pay for them. Apparently, some people are forgetting that last step.

Thomas March, the owner of March Farm in Bethlehem, told the Republican-American he recently found about 100 pounds of apples in bags left by the side of the road. They were left by people hoping to pick them up later...for free.

If the apple-thieves got away with it, March Farm could have lost $150. Lynn Horvath, the farm's store manager, estimates they lose thousands of dollars every year because of pilfering.

March Farm might have to get creative though if they wish to catch the thieves. The Rep-Am reports that law enforcement is aware of the problem, but with only one trooper patrolling both Bethlehem and Woodbury, catching the outlaws could be difficult.