Is It Time To Rethink Guilty Pleasures?

May 1, 2012

What is a guilty pleasure?

In seventh grade, I had not quite given up on series books. Specifically, the Rick Brant books which I would say were a lot more satisfying (I guess I can't say they were cooler)  than the Hardy Boy books, all 43 of which I read in fourth grade.

Rick Brant was the youngest member of the Spindrift Scientific Foundation, and he and his friend Scotty had adventures all over the world. In seventh grade, another boy found, in my desk, a copy of "The Pirates of Shan," my favorite of the series.

And, during the ensuing cascade of mockery, I came to understand what a guilty pleasure was.
It's something you like that does not meet the standards of the people around you and may not even meet the standards you ordinarily set for yourself.

So I got rid of those books.  But I still have guilty pleasures, and I bet you do too. Unless you reject the concept out of hand.

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