Irish Music That Doesn't Suck

Mar 12, 2013

For a long long while, I thought I didn't like the music of my own Irish culture. That's because I had never heard it. What I had heard instead was a very Americanized version of Irish music. It was hokey, overly cheerful, and often from a genre I would call glass-clinking music.  It was music to drink beer with.

When I heard real Irish traditional music and some of the progressive embellishments on it, I was transported. Some of my early introduction came through Green Linnet Records and public radio "Thistle and Shamrock" program.  But hearing it live in Dublin ... well, that was a baptism. Traveling around Ireland, you won't always find it easy to hear "trad" as they call it. On a Saturday night in Sligo, there's a better chance to hear American country and western in five different pubs. You might be better off staying here. We'll tell you why on today's show. Songs Heard Today:Solas - "Pastures of Plenty" (Album: Reunion: A Decade of Solas)Nuala Kennedy - "Matt Hyland" (Album: Noble Stranger)Elle Marie O’Dwyer - “My Bonny Labouring Boy” (Album: Where the Allow Waters Flow)Nuala Kennedy - “My Bonny Labouring Boy” (Album: Noble Stranger)Gerry O’ Connor - "O’Mahony’s Reel" (Album: Myraid)Dervish - “The Lover’s Token” (Album: The Thrush In The Storm)Kila - "Glanfaidh Me" (Album: Luna Park)Clannad - "Mhorag's Na Horó Gheallaidh" (Album: Clannad- Live at Christ Church Cathedral)June Tabor & Oysterband -  "Bonny Bunch of Roses" (Album: Ragged Kingdom)Lunasa - "Morning Nightcap" (New Version) (Album: The Story So Far … )