Investigators Confirm Test Tampering at Hartford School

Nov 7, 2013

Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

An investigation has confirmed test tampering at a Hartford elementary school. In a report submitted this week to state education officials by an outside law firm, investigators concluded there were irregularities in more than two dozen Connecticut Mastery Tests at the Early Reading Lab at Betances Elementary School. The report was obtained by The Hartford Courant.

Investigators analyzed the frequency and type of erasures in individual 3rd grade test booklets. They determined that the changes were not made by students. It's now up to Hartford Public School officials to find out who’s responsible.

A separate cheating scandal at Hopeville Elementary school in Waterbury in 2011 involved a school’s principal, administrator and 15 teachers who were found to have coached students to erase and correct wrong answers.

Test tampering has been uncovered in schools nationwide including a cheating scandal in Atlanta, Georgia where 35 educators and school administrators, including the school superintendent, were indicted on corruption charges.