Introvert Pride!

Sep 18, 2012

Maybe you've seen somebody in your life lately reading a book called Quiet by Susan Cain. It seems to be getting passed around a lot and given as a gift to known introverts.

The argument of the book is that our world treats the extrovert as normal and the introvert as diseased and needing treatment. Cain says that attitude ignores the strengths of the introvert.

Work environments are often set up to punish the introvert's tendencies. You'd think that would change with our growing sophistication about personality types and with, in the White House, our most introverted president in many years. But it doesn't.

Today's show is about introverts, and it's probably worth noting that everybody who works regularly on this show, including me and Chion, is an introvert. It took an extrovert, Heather Brandon, to make the show happen. The rest of us here see introversion the way fish see water -- a natural state.

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