(I)NTERVIEW - Susan Bysiewicz

Jul 31, 2012

Former Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is looking to become Connecticut’s next United States Senator. From her humble beginnings on a farm in Middletown, Bysiewicz dedicated herself throughout her years of study and has earned several impressive law degrees. After completing her undergraduate education at Yale University, Bysiewicz continued on to Duke University’s School of Law. With degrees from both schools, Bysiewicz was a practicing lawyer in both New York City and Hartford until she ran for election in the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1993.

Following six years of service, Bysiewicz won both the Democratic nomination and the election for Connecticut Secretary of State. During her time in office, Bysiewicz implemented new voting technology throughout the state, including an electronic filing system in order to reduce voter fraud as well as a vote-by-phone system designed for disabled residents. After attempting a run for the Connecticut’s Attorney General seat in 2010, Susan Bysiewicz is ready for another shot at political office.

Over the course of her interview, Bysiewicz spoke fondly about her time growing up on her family’s farm in Middletown. She laughed about the process the family went through during the harvest of their potatoes. In addition to her parents, she said one of her biggest inspirations was Ella Grasso. After sharing a story about the first time she met the former governor, Bysiewicz talked about the biography that she wrote. She said that although she always wanted to be involved in government, she had no idea specifically what she wanted to do.When asked about a secret talent, Bysiewicz spoke about her fondness for cooking, and highlighted her ratatouille. Although she lets her husband cook, she prefers to be the one behind the stove. She also enjoys spending time with her three children, two sons and a daughter.