(I)NTERVIEW - Steve Perry

Dec 19, 2012

“I'm unapologetic for our success because I know at the root of our success is a deep love for children. We come to win at everything we do. you can get on our team or you can be on the other team, I prefer winning, I'll stay with us.” These words, were spoken by educator Dr. Steve Perry in this exclusive CPBN Media Lab (I)NTERVIEW.

Dr. Perry is the founder of numerous enterprises, most notably, the ConnCAP Program (Connecticut Collegiate Awareness & Preparation Program) in 1998 and Capital Preparatory Magnet School in 2004. Driven by the intrinsic belief that all kids should have an opportunity to succeed, he has turned both the program and school into international examples of what can be done in education, when someone is willing to do the work. ConnCAP, inspired by his experience in a similar program as a child, is currently housed within New Britain High School. The program works with the local college, Central Connecticut State University, to help send all of their students to secondary education. On a grander scale, Capital Prep establishes the same structure, working with local colleges, and reportedly sends their students off to higher education at a greater rate than other schools, both within the state and the nation.

Many don’t know that Steve Perry had a difficult childhood; he can easily walk a mile in the shoes of his students and relate to their experiences. He believes that success is not determined by where you start but by where you finish, and Dr. Perry likes finishing in first place. His no-nonsense attitude was a way of life growing up and has helped mold the growing educational empire he is creating today.

Dr. Perry has been featured on CNN’s documentary “Black in America” as well as an official role contributing education information and advice to the network. His “Perry’s Principles” and other reportage, are regularly seen on both Anderson Cooper 360 and American Morning, tackling the most contentious issues being debated in American education.