Internet Sales Tax

Dec 5, 2011

In the week after Thanksgiving, U.S. consumers spent nearly $6 billion online. Those numbers come from research firm ComScore, which says online sales are already up 15% from last year.

The benefits of internet shopping can include free shipping, no crowds and seemingly...no sales tax.

Across the country, states miss out on more than $7 billion from online sales.

Connecticut is among the states trying to figure out how to rake in this revenue.

Today, online sales and taxes - Connecticut’s so-called Amazon tax is an attempt to get at that revenue stream. But Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan says the state should forget about $9.4 million in revenue from Internet taxes and get ready for a legal fight.

Will you report your online purchases to the government for taxes? Do you work for a company that has been affected by online sales or by the Amazon tax?