Inside Connecticut's Submarine Base

May 29, 2013

Eight years ago, Team Connecticut fought to keep New London Sub Base open.

At a base closure hearing in Boston, Connecticut’s delegation defended the value of the base.

The speakers included a who’s who of political leaders in Connecticut: Governor Jodi Rell, DEP commissioner Gina McCarthy, Congressman Rob Simmons, and Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman.

"Members of the commission, I believe that we have put so many holes into the Pentagon's case for closing Submarine Base New London that it looks like a piece of Swiss cheese with more holes than cheese left in it," said Lieberman during the closing argument.

It worked...the sub base was saved. But it put the community on edge for future BRAC hearings. Now, news comes about furloughs at the base.

Today, Where We Live, we’ll talk with outgoing base commander, Captain Marc Denno. We’ll also be joined by current 2nd district congressman Joe Courtney and the Executive Director of the Connecticut Office of Military Affairs, Robert Ross.

Do you work in Connecticut’s defense industry? Are you worried about the future of New London Sub Base?