Inauguration and Income Inequality

Jan 22, 2013

Coming up, There are few places where income inequality is rising faster than the United States. In fact, the distance between rich and poor is greater in America than nearly all other developed countries. Online news service Global Post set out to explore these inequalities by comparing cities in the US to their counterparts abroad - and what these comparisons can tell us about the place we live.  We’ll explore Bridgeport and Bangkok coming up.

But first - President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address yesterday was witnessed by enormous throngs in Washington DC, and millions more on television.  They saw a president who - on a day celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - echoed his famous “I have a dream” speech with talk of children on America’s streets, including our own here in Connecticut.

The President’s speech also surprised some with a more liberal policy agenda than we’re used to hearing from a Washington that likes to talk about but not really practice, bi-partisan cooperation. Today Where We Live, we’ll look at what his words might tell us about his second term.