Immigration Day

Apr 13, 2011

Today mark’s the state’s 14th Annual Immigrant Day

We’ll take the opportunity to highlight some of the heroic, inspiring, and heartbreaking stories of immigrants in Connecticut and around the country.  Daniel Ndamwizeye, a Rawandan Genocide Survivor, immigrated to Connecticut after losing both parents and two sisters in the genocide and has since started a foundation that assists orphaned children.  After 6 years here, America has become his adopted home and his identity Rwandan-American.

And documentarian, Ruth Leitman, tells a story of a Polish immigrant family divided by American immigration policy in “Tony & Janina's American Wedding.”   And in our increasingly diverse society discrimination can take place whether you are an undocumented immigrant...or a woman with brown hair.  Last week we looked at the evolutionary roots of prejudice, evidenced by monkey behavior and the Implicit Associate Test that measures our subconscious biases.  Today a UCONN social psychologist argues that this test inaccurately measures prejudice.