Imagine Your Town Without Trees

Mar 5, 2012

After a series of bad storms, Governor Dannel Malloy declared a “War on Trees!” Or, at least, that’s what it seemed like at the time. The governor was reacting to the hundreds of thousands of power outages caused by downed trees after a tropical storm and a freakish October snowstorm.

In his defense of more aggressive tree-cutting he coined this signature phrase: “Trees grow, ladies and gentlemen of the state of Connecticut, they grow.”

Indeed they do. Not just in forests but in our cities and towns. And as the governor admitted - people LOVE trees. They love their shade and their shape and how they evoke the Connecticut we picture in our minds.

Today, we’re live at the Connecticut Historical Society to talk with Urban Foresters and artists for a conversation called “Imagine Your Town Without Trees.” It’s in conjunction with two exhibits now at the Society.