Jun 7, 2011

You can find a blog called Colorado Ikea Fans” - where you’ll see a real-time countdown to the store’s opening in Denver on July 27th at 9 AM.  

Now, anxious shoppers - we’ve learned - will be lining up 48 hours before opening day.   

The Ikea craze is widespread – indoctrinating us with their “Life Improvement Plan” mentality.  

Its inexpensive products that you largely build yourself, home organizers for your stuff, art for your walls, everything you could need, right?

But not everyone is so enamored of IKEA.  A recent article in Fast Company magazine wondered whether the world’s largest furniture retailer - can really claim to be “sustainable” while making all of these nearly “disposable” products.

Today we discuss the IKEA phenomenon.  Do you shop there?  Do you love it?  Do you hate it...and shop there anyway?  Can you resist the lure of the Swedish Meatballs?