If a Ballpark Comes to Hartford, Who Gets the Luxury Seats?

Jun 26, 2014

"I never negotiated a skybox. I'm not interested in a skybox."
Mayor Pedro Segarra

Much has been written about whether the city of Hartford should have its own box in the new proposed baseball stadium its considering building to house the New Britain Rock Cats.

I've even suggested, with my tongue mostly in my cheek, that if Hartford taxpayers spend $60 million on a ballpark, they should get more than a box -- they should get free admission, hot dogs, and popcorn with proof of residency.

The issue came up between WNPR's John Dankosky and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra on Thursday's Where We Live. "I never negotiated a skybox," Segarra said. "I'm not interested in a skybox. The whole skybox argument came from the developers, the consultants, and the team that said that having a skybox there forces the opportunity to -- and these were conversations that were had with development; I wasn't even part of these conversations -- from an economic development perspective, that it is good to bring people there who are interested in investing in the city."

Listen to the lively exchange below: