How Can We Make Kids Enjoy Summer Reading?

Jul 31, 2013

Summer’s here, surf’s up, and you can watch all your favorite TV episodes in re-runs, but instead you have to read — what? David Copperfield? Eight-hundred pages long? That doesn’t seem fair. But that’s what your school told you to read. 

I’m Mark Oppenheimer, your guest host for the Colin McEnroe Show, and today we’ll be talking about summer reading. Not the kind you choose to do, but the kind your school makes you do. The kind you get tested on in September.

Joining us in our studio are bookstore owner Dave Duda, teacher Mindi Englart, and librarian Linda Williams. Together we’ll talk about whether assigned summer reading is even a good idea. Does forcing children to read during the summer ruin their love of reading? Does it force parents to be summer reading cops? We’ll be taking your calls and talking about your best – and worst – memories of summer reading.

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