The Horsepower Behind Hartford

Sep 13, 2011

The recent MetroHartford Alliance roll-out of new logos and ad campaigns irritated a lot of people, including me, because the whole thing seemed so disconnected from the Hartford I know.

It was the work of a Canadian marketing company which seemed to know about as much about Hartford as I know about Toronto. They said they had talked to a lot of key stakeholders, but they didn't seem to have talked to anybody I think of when I think about the bees who make Hartford buzz.

Meanwhile, there are people forging ahead, with or without corporate support, with or without a rebranding campaign, and committing themselves and their money to tangible projects in Hartford. Today you'll meet some of the people we think are the real difference makers. Frankly, Hartford doesn't have the same level pof human and intellectual capital that New Haven has, but we're not as far behind as some people think.

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