Highway Improvement; Curbing Teen Violence; Examining Police Taser Use

Apr 15, 2014

Governor Dannel Malloy announced Tuesday plans for the DOT’s 2014-2018 Capital Infrastructure program aimed at improving and rebuilding several state highways, bridges and commuter railways.  Malloy was joined by several state and federal government officials at a news conference in Waterbury to make the announcement. First on the repair agenda is the widening of I-84 in both directions, covering the stretch from exits 22-25 in Waterbury. 

Malloy’s proposed budget for 2015 includes about $1.4 billion for transportation upgrades, making it the largest such program in the state’s history. The plan’s major projects include: replacement of the I-84 Hartford viaduct, Q Bridge replacement on I-95 in New Haven,  Moses Wheeler Bridge replacement on I-95 in Stratford, Putnam Bridge rehabilitation on Route 3 in Glastonbury, rehabilitation of the Merritt Parkway in Stamford, and operational improvements on I-95 in Norwalk.

New Haven Concerned About Teen Violence

The wave of teen violence in New Haven has the entire community concerned and ready to take measures to curb it. Over the past three weeks, two teens, Taijhon Washington, 17, and Torrence Gamble, 16, were murdered. Monday night a two hour board meeting was held to discuss ways to try to curb trouble before it starts. Among proposed solutions is opening some New Haven high schools, even during spring vacation, to allow students some structured activities.

ALCU Demands Stricter Police Taser Regulations

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ct is asking for stricter police taser regulations after the death of a Connecticut man following an altercation at his apartment in New Britain Monday night. The man, who has not yet been identified, allegedly barricaded himself in his apartment. Police entered and tased the man to gain control. Police say soon after, the man experienced a medical condition that led to his death.  ACLU  staff attorney Dan McGuire said in a news release today that since 2005,  at least 13 people have died  after being tasered by police, four of them in New Britain. Police have not said whether the man's death is directly linked to their taser use when apprehending him.

Beating the Tax Deadline

Many Connecticut taxpayers flooded post offices Tuesday to beat the midnight deadline to file their taxes and avoid late penalties.  The IRS says that there are many “quick and easy solutions” available even if you can’t file or even pay your taxes on time, and expects nearly 147 thousand Connecticut residents to ask for an extension.  The IRS also wants to remind tax-payers that an extension covers the time to file, NOT the time to pay, though options are available on line if you can not pay the entire amount you owe. It is also suggested that paying a portion of what you may owe and working out payment arrangements with "Uncle Sam" is better than paying nothing at all.