Higher Learning, Higher Crime: A Look at Campus Assault and Violence

Credit Lisa Norwood / Creative Commons

It’s been estimated that roughly one in five female students experiences some form of sexual assault during the course of her college education. It’s a staggering figure that has caught the attention of activists and politicians across the United States.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration announced that it would begin efforts to stop sexual assault on campuses, creating a task force designed to improve the handling and awareness of sexual crimes at colleges and universities.

Similar efforts are being considered on a local level, prompted by reports of sexual assault at several Connecticut schools, including a federal lawsuit against UConn. Just this week, a Wesleyan student filed a suit against a campus fraternity, alleging negligent behavior that allowed her to be raped.

On our program, we get the latest on campus sexual assault. Why do these crimes persist? And what’s being done to combat them?


  • Jillian Gilchrest​ - Director of Public Policy and Communication at Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. 
  • Claire Capozzi​ - Student and Co-President of Women for Change at the University of Hartford  
  • Jacqueline Rabe Thomas - Education Reporter for the Connecticut Mirror 
  • Caitlin Flanagan - American Writer and Social Critic